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The village of Hanover Park, IL is situated in Cook and DuPage Counties and is located 28 miles northwest of downtown Chicago.  Roughly 38,000 individuals and families call Hanover Park home.  Due to its diverse population, it has been nicknamed “America’s Global Village.”  Whenever a Hanover Park resident is injured in an accident and they need experienced legal guidance, they often turn to the Makarone Accident Lawyers Law Firm’s personal injury lawyers in Hanover Park for the help they need.

A personal injury claim or personal injury lawsuit enables you to collect compensation for damages and your pain and suffering from the at-fault party when their negligent behavior caused the accident you were injured in.  The goal of our personal injury lawyers is to get you the compensation you deserve by maximizing your case.  In the aftermath of an accident, injury victims often face numerous questions regarding their accident.  This is when you should consider hiring a personal injury lawyer in Hanover Park.

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Determining if You have a valid Personal Injury Claim

After an accident, you’re going to have a lot of questions that are best suited for one of our personal injury lawyers, one of which is whether or not you have a valid case.  The answer to that may be obvious if you suffered injury in an accident that was caused by another person’s careless or reckless behavior.  At that point, you should call the Makarone Accident Lawyers Law Firm and speak with one of our personal injury lawyers in Hanover Park about representing you and your case.  You have nothing to lose as the initial consultation is FREE.

Because most personal injury lawsuits are very complex, it can be difficult to determine if you have a valid case without speaking to an experienced litigator.  Consequently, there are 3 key elements or factors that must be considered when trying to make a well-informed decision about whether or not you should file a personal injury claim:

  • How badly were you injured? It’s natural for a person to want justice when they’ve been injured in an accident. However, if your injuries and financial losses were minor or you didn’t get hurt, filing a personal injury claim or personal injury lawsuit may be a bad idea that could cost you way more than your case is worth.
  • Have you paid for your losses? Whenever an insurance policy plays a significant role in a personal injury case, one of the first questions that is asked is, were your losses paid? For instance, your health insurance may cover your doctor visits, MRI’s, physical therapy, X-rays, and other medical expenses.
  • How strong is your case? You’ll need to prove that the other party was truly at fault for the accident that caused your injuries. The reality is that this is difficult to prove if you don’t have the experienced legal guidance of a Makarone Accident Lawyers personal injury lawyer in Hanover Park.  Just keep in mind that you could be in for a lengthy battle if the other party’s liability is unclear or vague.
Just be careful in your decision-making because if the court decides that your case is without merit, it may get thrown out of court or even deemed as frivolous.  If that occurs, you could be facing court sanctions.  In fact, some states order you to pay the other party’s legal fees.

Determining the Value of Your Case

Most potential clients ask us what we think their case is worth or how much money they may be entitled to for their injuries and property damage.  The answer to that question is “damages” or the emotional, financial, mental, and physical costs of your injuries.  This usually includes but is not limited to:

  • Emotional distress/mental anguish
  • Hospital and medical expenses
  • Loss of consortium/relationship
  • Lost income and loss of future earnings
  • Ongoing medical care and treatment
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property loss
  • Rehabilitative or retraining therapy

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