Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers

Whenever you get behind the wheel of your vehicle, you’re taking responsibility for the safety of every other driver sharing the road with you.  But no matter how good of a driver you are, accidents can happen unexpectedly and leave you seriously injured as a result.  Millions of individuals suffer injuries in motor vehicle accidents every year, some of which are catastrophic or fatal.  If you or a loved one has suffered injury in a motor vehicle accident that was caused by another person’s carelessness or negligence, call the personal injury lawyers in Carol Stream, Carpentersville, Hanover, and Streamwood of the Makarone Accident Lawyers law firm for legal assistance.

Why should You hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Although many collisions are unavoidable, many more could be prevented were it not for the careless or negligent drivers that are on our highways and roadways every day.  Unfortunately, you can’t control what these drivers do.  However, you can take back the control of your own life after getting injured in a motor vehicle accident.  In most cases, the road to recovery starts by contacting a personal injury lawyer who will ensure your rights are protected and get you the compensation you deserve. Our team of lawyers are well-versed on all aspects of tort laws and can help you with the requisite representation.

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Recent research has shown that there is a greater likelihood of recovering more in damages when you have a personal injury lawyer litigating for you in court against the insurance companies and their lawyers.  In reality, the Makarone Accident Lawyers personal injury lawyers have the experience and resources to ensure that you recover the maximum settlement amount allowable by law.  They also provide a number of important services including:
  • A look at all applicable insurance policies
  • A network of accident reconstruction experts, mechanical engineers, healthcare and medical professionals, and other specialists
  • A thorough investigation of your motor vehicle accident
  • Aggressively negotiating a settlement with the insurer of the at-fault party
  • Presenting a persuasive case on your behalf in front of a judge and jury
  • Resolving all financial matters involved in your case
  • The assurance that all documents relative to your case are presented in court
The goal of your personal injury lawyer is to compile sufficient evidence and facts to establish a strong case that is ruled in your favor while representing you in front of a judge and jury.  For additional information regarding your legal options when filing a personal injury claim after a motor vehicle accident, or to speak with a personal injury lawyer in Carol Stream, Carpentersville, Hanover, and Streamwood as soon as possible. Call us or contact the Makarone Accident Lawyers law firm today.